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微控制器(mcu)是用于自动化和控制设备的集成电路.  A microcontroller system consists of at least one CPU, memory, and I/O.  它们是当今科技世界不可或缺的一部分,大多数现代设备都包含它们——洗衣机, 电话, 手推车, robotic lawnmowers, remote controls, 和更多的. 

A processor is most often referred to as a microprocessor.  它们不同于微控制器,因为它们关注的是性能而不是应用.  它们往往拥有较少的外围设备,并且通常具有为特定算法提供加速的内部功能.  This may include internal memory cache, complex data and instruction busing, complex internal instruction units (pipelines), arithmetic instruction units (ALUs), and supervisor circuits.  现代微处理器可以包含用于特定算法或图形处理的硬件加速器.

GPK电子可以采购任何难以找到的电子部件-供应短缺(分配), 生命的结束, or have long lead times – especially microcontrollers and processors.  We do this by leveraging our extensive network of carefully vetted, 可靠的供应商为您提供正确的组件,以满足您的需求.

Our mission is to supply hard-to-find, 为客户提供高质量的电子元器件,以最大限度地提高生产流程.  凭借从500多个领先制造商采购组件的能力,GPK电子可以确保您项目所需的微控制器和处理器.

Find your electronic components Looking for hard-to-find microcontroller and processor components? Use the parts finder or contact us.

Microcontroller & 处理器 应用程序

微控制器是一种特殊类型的芯片,常用于内置应用程序中.  They usually have an integrated memory to run their applications.  Typical microcontroller applications include but aren’t limited to:

  • 汽车 Engine Control Systems
  • Implantable Medical Devices
  • Office Machines
  • Appliances, Power Tools, Toys, and Remote Controls
  • Other Embedded Systems

处理器,也叫微处理器,关注的是性能而不是应用.  M微处理器如今应用于从最小的嵌入式系统和手持设备到最大的大型机和超级计算机的所有领域.  Typical microprocessor applications include but aren’t limited to:

  • Computers, Tablets & 智能手机
  • 汽车电机速度控制,温度控制,AV多媒体系统,刹车机构
  • Traffic Light Control
  • Communications Equipment and Satellite Communications
  • Home Appliances, Televisions, and Gaming Controllers
  • Industrial Controllers

Tailored Support

GPK电子的采购专家专注于满足您的特定行业需求,这是GPK电子全面的全球服务的起点.  GPK电子的全球团队紧跟不断变化的行业需求,并在采购方面遵守这些要求.  You have the support of our dedicated experts.

No matter your need, we are here for you.

Microcontroller and 处理器 Components 制造商

GPK电子 Components是自豪的提供可靠的电子元件,从所有主要的微控制器和处理器制造商,如: 

阿尔特拉      AMD      Analog Devices      爱特梅尔公司      柏树      飞思卡尔      FTDI芯片      英飞凌      微芯片      

NXP      Qualcomm      瑞萨      飞索半导体      STMicroelectronics      Texas Instruments      赛灵思公司


Advanced Micro Devices makes microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, 工作站, personal computers and embedded systems.



赛普拉斯(现在的英飞凌)为消费者提供了广泛的低功耗到高性能微控制器(mcu)组合, industrial and automotive markets.



微芯片 offers microcontrollers, Serial EEP罗 and SRAM devices, embedded security devices, radio frequency (RF) devices, 热, power and battery management analog devices, as well as linear, interface and wireless solutions.



NXP supplies embedded controllers for the industrial and consumer market. 他们拥有广泛的低功耗、模拟、控制和通信IP的mcu组合.




Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

德州仪器是一家设计和制造半导体和各种集成电路的美国科技公司, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally.

Microcontroller and 处理器 Part Finder

为了便于在庞大的电子元件库存中查找, GPK电子 Components has developed a part finder.  Enter the part number and browse through our entire inventory.  一旦你找到了你正在寻找的组件,你可以要求一个符合你的需求的报价.  GPK电子的销售团队将与您联系,为难以找到的组件调整您的报价.

FIND YOUR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Looking for hard-to-find microcontroller and processor components? Use the parts finder or contact us.

Microcontroller and 处理器 Components

Microcontrollers and 处理器s include but aren’t limited to:

Authenticators, Microcontrollers, Secure Microcontrollers & TPM

Embedded System Development Boards & 包

处理器:  Application 处理器s & 采购产品soc,音频处理器,数字信号处理器(dsp),微处理器,视频处理器

Other Components

3 transistors on a white background

Diodes, Transistors & 晶体闸流管

Diodes, transistors, and thyristors are types of semiconductor devices. 二极管是一种双端电子元件,主要向一个方向传导电流. 晶体管是一种半导体装置,用于放大或转换电子信号和电力. 可控硅是一种固态半导体器件,有四层交替的P型和n型材料. It acts exclusively as a bistable switch, conducting when the gate receives a current trigger, 并继续导电,直到通过设备的电压是反向偏压, or until the voltage is removed.


Electromechanical Switches

机电开关使用机械动作来改变其终端底座内路径连续性的方向或方向. 许多电源包括它们作为一种替代方法,夹紧电源,而不需要拔下设备插头. They are common in commercial, 家庭, 和汽车应用,因为其耐用的结构和长寿命周期.

Computer RAM on white background with selective focusing


内存是包括RAM在内的不同类型数据存储技术的通称, 罗, and flash memory.

GPK电子 Components is Your Ideal Partner

Our customers are often under pressure to find stock quickly.  Components must meet their 质量 standards and arrive on time.

全球客户选择GPK电子是因为GPK电子有能力确保他们需要的产品, the speed at which we can deliver, our reliability, 质量, and our ongoing customer support.  换句话说,GPK电子是最重要的供应链合作伙伴,可以让您安心.

  • Unsurpassed global supply chain
  • Get a quote quickly
  • Quality focused & AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • Highest 质量 components
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible payment terms

GPK电子 Components is AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015 certified.  GPK电子的质量管理体系包含严格的质量方针和严格的防止假冒措施,因此您可以信赖从GPK电子收到的电子零件的质量.  通过联系GPK电子 Components为您的电子零件需求获取您所需要的一切.

GPK电子专注于快速交付高质量的电子组件,如微控制器和处理器组件.  GPK电子的采购团队之所以能够完成这一目标,是因为GPK电子与精心挑选的供应商建立了广泛的全球联系.


Microcontroller and 处理器 Components


Microcontroller and 处理器 应用程序


Years of Experience

Relevant 行业

Consumer Electronics - Woman buys the TV

Consumer Electronics

微控制器和处理器广泛应用于各种消费电子产品,如电器, 电动工具, toys and remote controls.

Low angle side view of car driving fast at sunset with motion speed effect.


微控制器和处理器被广泛应用于各种汽车应用,如汽车电机速度控制, temperature control and AV multimedia systems.


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